Black Wolf Exhibit

Written by Jimbob

17 February 2024

Yet again, like last year, my current oil painting wasn’t ready for the Williamson Open 2024 (I hadn’t realised it took about 6 months for varnish to dry!), so I entered a few of the digital paintings I did from some years ago from a challenge I’d set myself of painting 10 animals over 10 days. Black Wolf and Black Raven were probably my two faves, so I thought I’d get them printed and put into this years exhibition.

Well, only Black Wolf got in, Black Raven having apparently fluttered its ebony wings and high-tailed it outta there, seemingly deciding it was above the judgement of mere mortals. (They’re a haughty breed, these ravens 😉 ). Incidentally, if you’re wondering why I called it ‘Black Raven’ when all ravens are black anyway, my reasons were twofold – I already have a painting entitled Raven and I also plan on painting a white raven, so it made sense, at least to me :p

Anyway, if you wanna go see this painting made flesh (on archival paper), it’ll be on show at The Williamson Art Gallery and Museum from Friday 16th Feb – Saturday 16th March. The painting is £240 if anyone were to bless me with my very first sale at a Williamson Open!

Which brings me to mention a little on the cost of producing one picture for show at such an exhibition.

Archival print: £10

Frame and mount: £60

Entrance fee: £15

Gallery commission: 30%

So, a painting that I charge £240 for gives me, the creator, £83 after the £157 is taken out for the above listed reasons. It’s hard to put a price on things, but that’s what I settled on. So sue me! :p

I’m outta here,

Jimbo 🙂


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