First of 2023

Written by Jimbob

3 July 2023

Well, here’s my first post on my new site. Sadly, all my old posts on my old site are gone, though they be hidden away in some dusty corner of cyberspace which, if I’m so inclined, I may dig out and display in the museum of Imaginata one day.

I’m writing this more as a way of simply making the effort to start writing again. I’m thinking writing is like a muscle and, like any muscle, it needs working and stretching for it to grow and strengthen. One of my main obstacles in writing posts for my website is whether or not I should just keep it art related or have them about anything and everything that interests me? I’ve always tended towards the latter, but I wonder if I’m shooting myself in the foot (artistically speaking). We’ll see.

Anyway, regardless, I’ve decided to call this page ‘Journal’ instead of ‘Blog’. ‘Journal’, as a word, is more old school and has more heart than the slightly ugly word ‘blog’, and that appeals to my more romantic side. What won’t change is my customary sign-off ‘I’m outta here’. 

So, without further ado…

I’m outta here.

Jimbob 🙂

Oh, and the image I’ve added here is a snippet of an oil painting I’m currently working on. I SO wanted to enter it in to the Williamson Art Gallery Open earlier this year, but the paint was still wet, so I missed the hand-in. That said, I’ve decided to adjust a few things, but hopefully it’ll ready (and dry) for next years Open. Watch this space!


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