Apologies  for the lack of posts of late but there’s been so much going on of late it’s been difficult to write. So, if I’ve any readers left out there, here’s another installment of my Groningen adventure.

I just want to put forward the idea (and this seems kind of obvious to me but I may be wrong) that the Waterhouse study entitled Head of a Woman in the exhibition (and how many are there of them?) that I’ve inserted below is actually a study for Consulting the Oracle.

The ‘Romanesque’ nose from the study is a dead give-away for me, not to mention that the study is dated c1883-1884; Consulting the Oracle is dated 1884 so it’s from the same time. I think the study more closely resembles the girl in red or maybe the one to her left with the black and white stripes. In fact, she looks like a mix between the two.

The connection has never been noted before that I have seen, otherwise I think it would have had the title ‘Study for Consulting the Oracle‘. Just an observation.

Until next time,