Not overly pleased with the end product here. I can’t quite see what I’ve done wrong but it just hasn’t turned out as I’d hoped. On the plus side I’ve learned how important it is to get the primer right before starting. I was also pleased with the colours I’ve used. I think I’ve mentioned it before but I was thinking of Windflowers when deciding on which colours to use. The actual canvas looks a lot better than the image below, I must admit. Since seeing Waterhouse’s work up close at Groningen and doing A Naiad some months ago, I’ve realised just how different a computerized image can be. The brush strokes, which for me hold the energy of a painting, are either not visible or are appear flat on a reproduced image.

Here, I’ve superimposed the original black and white image over my image. I reduced the opacity of the original so the the colours beneath come through. I really like it. I tried putting this image on but, for some reason, it wouldn’t upload. I was a bit miffed about that 🙁

I went to the Waterhouse exhibition in London last week so that’ll be my next post, all being well.

Until next time,