This is not my intended post ‘cos I’m having trouble with the one I wanted to do. In the meantime, I was writing a poem last night (I never finished it) which put me in mind of one I did a year or so ago. It was a love poem of sorts (which I don’t particularly want to talk about here) and after a little search and unearthing it from the dust, I also found I’d written another one which I’d forgotten I’d written, a tongue-in-cheek look at the environmental thing that’s everywhere nowadays. I wrote it (I remember now) in response to a slogan written on a sandstone wall in Liverpool city center; it read DO YOU CARE? It was part of an environmental message where other slogans had been spray painted. I’m all for looking after the planet, but some of it’s a bit misleading, I think.

Anyway, here’s the two poems, like or loathe ’em.

The Earth At a Cost

Warming up is this earth upon which we live
Do you care?
Can you a little give?
That this world we may a little longer share?

You see, we live in a greenhouse
Didn’t you know?
It affects us all from man to mouse
A scientist told me so

Melt will the Polar caps of ice
And kill us all in a postdiluvian flood
But we can be saved (at a price)
Just hand over your money (it’s for your own good)

Our carbon footprint we must reduce
This CO2 is choking us all
It’s because of the smoke and the fumes we produce
And the trees we cut that once stood tall

I’ve heard it said we all will die
As well as the bear, the wolf and the panda
We’re all gonna starve or drown or fry
But I’m thinking maybe it’s just propaganda

At the Foot of Your Heart an Altar Made

At the foot of your heart an altar made
To you the song of longing
Candles burn and never fade
For the love of you and your belonging

God’s great sky could never encompass
Even the abyss would thirst for more
No reaching hand could ever possess
Even the stars will die and be no more

Twilight fades and my cheeks are wet
Words fall soundless in the deep
My empire crumbles in bitter regret
I pray for your arms in which to sleep

Yet slumber I with eyes wide open
Seeing only love where angels hide
These words the merest token
Of the lasting life I hold inside

And the day will come with a ringing of bells
When the world becomes a senseless thing
Our mortal lives as brittle as shells
On a fearful shore the oceans bring

To shatter all the lance is hurled
Lest rumour and lies forever be
And you as lamp in the darkness of the world
Before whose love the shadows flee

Well, college work beckons!

See ya,