Firstly, I’m off for the weekend to London, primarily to see Killing Joke at The Forum. This is the original line-up that created some of the best post-punk sounds I’ve heard. They did 3 albums together before things went awry (thanks to singer Jaz Coleman). They reformed again but without bassist Youth. 26 years later they are back together again and playing 2 nights in London. The first night they are playng their first 2 albums and the second night they are playing a later album from the 90’s (and singles). Can’t wait.

Secondly, while I’m in London, I’m gonna take the opportunity to go to Tate Britain and see some John Waterhouse paintings, mainly The Lady of Shallot and Saint Eulalia. There are others there but I’m not sure whether they are on show. I’m also going to the Royal Academy of Arts to see A Mermaid, also by the same artist. And, being a John Waterhouse freak, I’m going to see his grave at Kensal Green Cemetery which isn’t far from where I’m staying. If I’ve got time, I’ll try and find Sir John Tenniel’s grave as well, best known for the illustrations for Lewis Carol’s Alice books. What a weekend!

I’ll be writing about my trip (hopefully) when I get back.

Until next time,