As I’ve been having fun on Photoshop this week (see last post) and I’ve had a few recent comments about a post I did some time ago about my conversion of the actress Alison Lohman into Neil Gaiman’s Death, I decided to do something I’ve been threatening to do for awhile now, and that’s turn a John Waterhouse picture into an image of Gaiman’s Death (it’s a Gothic thing ;)).

So, I took this beautifully rendered image in red chalk that Waterhouse did of his sketch for The Lady Clare

and  ‘gothed’ her up a bit, a little like Death below.

And here she be:

As I say, great fun to do and I don’t think Clare has lost any of her beauty (I just hope John wouldn’t mind!).

Azrael, incidentally, is the Hebrew name name for the Archangel of Death

I’m outta here,