Those were the days of grace
She somebody’s child, somebody’s daughter
Would it be again that I could see your face
When danced my heart like sun on the water

I slept in the heart of the forest
The sun-dappled shade for a bed
And there I dreamed I was the one you loved best
The crown of such I wore on my head

Sorrow, your brow never creased
Never a cheek had I touched more fair
The rose of your heart and the briar of mine
Entwined like the flowers in the braid of your hair

You know how I tremble when close bring her feet
You’ve felt it too I’m sure
When ripe is the heart as swelled summer wheat
In hope this love would forever endure

You know the pain too, I guess
When on waking in creeps the cold
A dream, a memory, paling in sweetness
Breathless about me the shadows enfold

This is the poem I wrote the other week (and finished today) when I found those other two that I put up instead. Sheesh! I put myself through the mill sometimes writing these things. Good therapy I suppose 🙂

See ya,