You can all relax now, I’m back from my little sojourn to Holland (or should I say the Netherlands?) to see the John Waterhouse exhibition. I won’t harp on about it (not at the moment anyway, I’m too tired). In a word though: stunning. I was like a kid in a sweet shop. Some of my favourite paintings were there: Soul of the Rose; Hylas and the Nymphs; The Lady of Shalott-1888 and, of course, A Naiad. I would dearly loved to have seen the Ophelia-1910, Boreas and Thisbe but, I wasn’t complaining.

I’m not sure if Dusko and Hilke will ever read this, but I just want to mention them for making my trip to Groningen more memorable than it would have been without them. Dusko, a Serbian who I’d never met until three days ago, took me into his home and treated me like family. He was an absolute star (and thank you to artmagick for letting me now about CouchSurfing). Hilke was the barmaid in (if my memory serves me right) the Cafe de Klikspaan and was just a lovely girl whose friendliness was disarming to say the least, especially with me being the proverbial stranger in a strange land. I was sad to leave (and thank you for the beer).

Talking about being sad at leaving, did I want to leave all those Waterhouse paintings behind? No, I wanted to take them all with me. I’m sure I’d find the room to keep them all 🙂

Before I go, here’s a few images of A Naiad for obvious reasons. The colour in these images is pretty much the proper colour of the original canvas, far more so than any other images I’ve seen (I wish I’d had them before I started my attempt at it).

Note: I’m not sure if I’m allowed to put these up without permission. If I’m not then, if someone let’s me know, I’ll take them down straight away.

Sorry about the blurriness of these pictures but, as you know, you cannot use flash.

Until next time,