Never done any printing before so this ‘Silver Point’ technique was all new to me. It’s cheap and cheerful and really doesn’t take long to do, although we did wait a week for the glue to dry.

As with Veronica below, I had my Hobson book on Waterhouse in college and thought I’d have a go at one of my favourite’s of his, Boreas.

First off, you need a piece of thick card which then has good quality foil glued and wrapped around one side. The glue has to dry completely before putting it through the rollers otherwise you’re in trouble – not least with the tutor 😉

Next up is to use a sharp instrument to draw your pic. You don’t get a second chance with this; you can’t rub anything out like with pencil and any mistakes will come out in the final print.

Without boring you with details, basically what you do next is cover the whole foiled side with ink which is then wiped away, leaving ink in just the indentations. Put it through the rollers with and a piece of paper over it to ‘capture’ the image and voila! instant Boreas. I can easily pick at it but I was quite pleased with how mine turned out considering I only had one shot at it. I only realised after the print came out that, of course, the image on the foil would have to be drawn back-to-front for it to appear as the original.

The ink is good for about 3 or 4 runs so I decided on my next go to darken certain areas, mainly the material. This was done by using emery cloth or fine sandpaper on the foil in the desired places. Once you’ve darkened areas, you can’t go back to how it was. Pretty much whatever you change is there for good.

As you can see here, I’ve tinted this next piece with a little watercolour. I didn’t try anymore after this one because the ink was getting weaker. With each run through the rollers the indentations flatten out, so I’d have to go over them again and re-ink it all which is a messy business.

Time to get my boy sorted for school.

I’m outta here.

Jimbob 🙂