‘S fagian mo bhaile is a song by Enya. It’s Irish, it’s dark, it’s Gaelic and it’s simply beautiful. It’s a song that just makes me stop what I’m doing and listen. The reason I’ve put this YouTube video on here is because I made it myself. I got fed up with this wonderful piece of music not being anywhere on the internet so, as they say, “if you want something doing….”

I went into the fields behind Clatterbridge Hospital (actually, Lever’s Estate’s) with my son and filmed some footage of trees, wheat, grass etc. blowing in the wind. I could sit and watch stuff like that all day long. What I really wanted to film would have been a bit harder to capture but I may do it one day. I remember being in The Isle of Man once, sitting behind Peel Castle looking out across The Irish Sea towards Ireland. The sea was grey, a reflection of the skies above which hung heavy with sombre clouds drifting aimlessly. But every now and again the sun would break through in great, heraldic rays and mottle the sea with pools of golden light. It’s one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen and I’ll never forget the sense of peace that joined that beauty and they, hand in hand, came like a wave over the sea and crashed over me. It happened to be my birthday that day as well, so that wasn’t a bad present to have at all. It was around this time that I first heard ‘S fagain mo bhaile and the song somehow latched onto that memory and became a part of it. Maybe it was the Irish connection. So anyway, sunshine breaking through clouds over the sea would have been the best thing to use for this video. As I say, maybe another day. I cobbled the film together in a few hours and stuck it on YouTube. Unfortunately, the quality is not great. I uploaded a much better version but YouTube seems to have reduced the quality for some reason. If you follow this link to YouTube itself you can click on “watch in high quality” just beneath the video. I’m gonna stick this song on my music page soon as well. So now you know!

I think my next post will be Rosamund Pt. 3

In a bit,