Told ya I’d have a new post for my imaginary audience soon! 😛 This time it’s an oil painting I did of Lydia from my fave film Beetlejuice. I thought I’d finished it in 2012, but decided I wanted some kind of background rather than just plain black. I did the painting from a photo I found on the net. I was happy to have it accepted at the Willamson Gallery Open Exhibition 2014 🙂 I did actually contact Warner Bros. who made the film if I would be able to make prints and sell them, but I never heard back!


The original photo.


How it was before I added a background (sorry for the blurry photo!).


Here it is finished with as good a photo as I could take (it needs doing professionally if I’m gonna have prints done!). I think it looks better this way, especially with Lydia’s hair standing out. I was pleased in the end, though I had my moments where I wanted to give up – but persevere I did 🙂