Well, not the most original of titles but I thought it was apt. Here’s the last oil painting I did on the largest canvas I’ve used (4ft x 3.1ft). At times it was incredibly frustrating to do ‘cos I’m really not that good at painting fur, particularly in oils, but I’ve done worse and I’ve warmed to it more over time. I decided to do an abstract background and think it’s worked OK, but maybe I’ve allowed the lighter part (the ‘sun’, but make of it what you will) to take up too much space.

I hope to enter it into an exhibition at a nearby place called Gordale Nurseries. I went there last year and seen this amazing picture done by one Eric Wilson, a wildlife artist living in Derbyshire in England.

I was even more startled by this picture when I found out it was done in pastels! I’ve tried pastels and have found them clumsy to use,  so seeing this picture done in such beautiful detail has blown me away. When I see things this good I have a mixture of feelings somewhere between being demoralized and wanting to give up or being inspired and wanting to do better. I think it’ll always be the latter, but sometimes…

The picture is called Curiosity and here is what Wilson says about it on his website:

The idea behind this painting was that someone or something had scrambled up a tree to avoid being seen by the tiger. It might have succeeded, were it not for the falling  leaves that have alerted the tigers curiosity and  given the game away.

I think that’s it for now.

See ya,