I was asked to do a drawing of Jack Skellington recently and found online a photo of him and his pet dog Zero. I think it’s taken from some figures that were designed for the Kingdom Hearts video game by Square Enix. Anyway, I decided to do Zero too and did it in coloured pencil, a medium I rarely use. I thought it turned out good, but I was limited with the pencils I had. I wanted some parts lighter and some darker, as well as rectifying a few mistakes, particularly concerning his front leg which I thought thought just looked wrong. So, with the ever amazing Photoshop and my awesome new graphics tablet, I attempted to improve on it by using a bit of computer wizardry. I think I did pretty well with it and I was really pleased 🙂

Well, below are the results. I did a sepia version too for the hell of it. I like 🙂


Original pencil version.

Jack & Zero Photoshop

Photoshopped version.

Jack & Zero Sepia

Sepia version.

Hope some out there like it!

I’m outta here,

Jimbob 🙂