I just thought I’d stick up this Waterhouse image I did on my last project in college. I took my Anthony Hobson book into college about Waterhouse and, as I wasn’t sure what the hell I was supposed to be doing, I decided to have a go at drawing Veronica but doing it in pastel, a medium I’ve not used much before. I have to admit to doing a really lovely drawing of it and I was really pleased until I used the pastels; I find them rather clumsy to use. I’d been looking at sepia/sanguine drawings and particularly Waterhouse’s beautiful red-chalk sketches he did, my favourites of which are The Study for The Lady Clare and Boreas. So, I thought I would try and achieve a similar thing with the limited pastels I had. I quite liked it for the most part but the lovely delicacy of her face that I had in my original drawing was lost. I’m a bit of a pefectionist (I am a Virgo, after all) and it wrankles with me if I don’t get a picture to a certain high level. For this reason I wasn’t going to put this up but, I’ve got to learn to not be so precious and as I intend to do a copy of Veronica in colour over the Summer I thought, ‘why not?’. Indeed, I almost did this post months ago but baulked at the idea at the last. She looks too miserable, even for a Pre-Raphaelite type painting 😉

I’ve a few other Waterhouse things I did in college which I may put up soon including a print technique called ‘Silver Point’ which I used to do Boreas.

See ya soon,