Here’s an image I did for the recent exhibition at Neston library. I was asked to do a pic to help represent our art society (SWAS) for the Jubilee earlier this year. As I’m no particular fan of the royals, I couldn’t get enthused doing a painting of any of them and I’d had a song in head by The Occasional Keepers called If the Ravens Leave so, I decided to do something around that idea. For those not familiar with the superstition surrounding the ravens that frequent the Tower of London, it basically says that if the ravens leave the Tower, then the kingdom will fall (which is, surprise surprise, what the song is about).

I knocked the picture up in Photoshop in about an hour and, though I didn’t sell a print of it at said exhibition, I did sell it not long after at the Hoylake exhibition (mentioned below in previous post). Unexpected, but welcome all the same 🙂

Here’s the pic:

And here’s the song that inspired it:

Well, I’m outta here,

Jimbob 🙂