Last week, seeing as though I had more time on my hands as my son had gone to America with his mum for a few weeks (and I’ve only had one email from him – grrrrr!!!) I thought I’d take the opportunity to get into a bit of painting. Usually for me, this entails something to do with John Waterhouse. And guess what? This time is no different. But what is different is that I’m taking photo’s after each session of painting and I thought it might me fun to stick ’em on here so people can see the progression over the days and weeks. I chose Fair Rosamund, a painting that Waterhouse finished in the last year of his life. I did some quick versions of it for college early this year and you can see them on this page. I’ll put the original up with my first photo (both of which are below) and my last (whenever that may be). When I’m done, I might even cobble them together in a short animation. I’ll see what time I have. Also, as I go along, I’ll probably add some notes as to where I’m up to and what’s going on in my head.

Hope you enjoy it,


Fair Rosamund (original)

Fair Rosamund (mine)

Well, here’s my initial drawing and, as you may have noticed, it’s a detail of the original and not the whole thing. The canvas I had was only 12″ x 16″ so a detail seemed the best idea. I’m happy with it at the moment. The main thing for me to get right (or at least close) is the face. If I don’t get that right then I just won’t have any enthusiasm for doing the rest. Doing the drawing though is the easiest part. It’s when he paint goes on that things can start going pear-shaped because that’s when your drawing starts to disappear!

Eeeekkk…It’s midnight!

I’m outta here.