Yes, I’m alive, no, I haven’t been abducted by aliens (at least to my knowledge).

I have been to see the last Harry Potter film which was a bit of a disappointment. I’ve only read one of the books but I quite enjoyed the films. This one just seemed a bit rushed to me. I did really enjoy JK Rowlings stint on Who Do You Think You Are on BBC 1 recently. As I’d been to Scotland a few months ago investigating my own ancestry, I could identify with the wonder of finding out the little stories and chances that, ultimately, gave birth to me and mine. Amazing stuff (and something for a later post). Went to see Captain America as well which is only worth mentioning ‘cos it’s so bad. Flag waving just isn’t my thing.

Currently, I’m putting the finishing touches to a new website called ‘Breadcrumbs From Sarah’s Table’ all about some of my fave bands that were on Bristol’s legendary Sarah Records (all very twee, apparently). But more on that on a later post.

I’m also re-designing this site. It’s gonna be bigger, better and it’s also gonna make me a living (that’s the plan, anyway). I had a look at my site on one of those gorgeous 27″ iMAC’s that came out earlier this year and it was all over the place! Eeeeek!

I hope to find the time to write the backlog of posts I wanna make. I’ll definitely do one about The Lady Lever Art Gallery here on the Wirral. There’s one about Piano Magic I want to do as well as Bill Hicks, Mervyn Peake and…erm…fairy’s. Yup, good old fashioned, sweet loving fairy’s (in truth, in folklore, they’re pretty malicious little buggers).

So, there you go. Stay tuned. The world is about to change…

I’m outta here.