Nearly, nearly done. I’ve finally got rid of all that horrible mess at the bottom of the canvas as well as adding in the leopard skin. I’ve the goats to add, a little tree on the right, some foliage and a few bluebells. As the canvas is a box canvas I have had to paint the edges as well which I’ve had to make up myself. I can’t stand white, unpainted edges on these kinds of canvases.

After having seen the original recently I noticed the water is more purple than blue so I’m going to try a glaze over what I’ve already done. I don’t know much about glazes but I’ll find out more soon enough. The very last thing I’m going to do is the thin piece of grass or reed that the Naiad uses to tie her hair, just by her left arm. It’s going to be like a cherry on the top and I can’t wait!

At present, the more I look at my painting and then look at Waterhouse’s the more I feel further away from being anywhere close to where I want to be. It can be frustrating at times when you see your own limitations but, I’m sure if I keep practising I’ll get better (that’s the plan, anyway).

Part 7 coming up soon 🙂

See ya,