It’s May 3rd today and it is the last day of the Waterhouse exhibition in Groningen. I’m a bit sad about that. I’m still purring over my few days over there and, given the time, I would have been back over there pretty soon. I think I’ll go along to the London one but I know there are quite a few less paintings there (though there are a few different ones as well) and there’ll also be a lot less bikes as well 😉 In fact, I had such a nice time in Groningen I may just go back again anyway (if anyone will take me in – cue pleading face). It really doesn’t take long to get there.

Anyway, here’s a few more pics of my go at ‘A Naiad’. I added in the stream here as well as finishing off the girl….or at least I thought I had. I painted in the rest of her at night time under a normal light bulb. All looked well until I woke the next day and realised, under proper daylight, that her flesh colour for her lower half was different than the top half. Doh!

Below I had (after the fourth time of trying) done the Naiad’s lower half to a tone I was ok with as well as doing the legs on the boy. I made the flesh colour here a bit darker than that of the girl but I’m not sure if it’s too dark. It was a bit hard to tell when against the very light background. By this time in the painting my brushes were starting to disintegreate at an alraming rate with nearly every application of paint leaving bristles behind. I definitely need better quality brushes!

Well, it’s getting there bit by bit and I was so impatient to get the thing done, thinking every tree and bit of grass I added would make the thing look better. At the time of writing this I’ve pretty much finished the painting but you’ll have to wait for that in the meantime. As this painting took so long I decided not to do the Tam Lin picture for the time being. I just did a self-portrait with me as Tam Lin and no, it isn’t going to be showed on here ‘cos I really don’t like it.

See ya,