Sorry if this is a quick post, but I’ve had loads (and still got more) college work to do and finishing of A Naiad is part of it. I’ve to get everything done before I leave for Groningen in Holland on Tuesday to visit the John Waterhouse exhibition being held there.

Well, here’s a few more pictures at different stages of my attempt at Waterhouse’s A Naiad.

Here, I’ve done more to the Naiad (detail below) as well as adding some background. All the mess at the bottom of the canvas is just left-over paint that I smear on it to cover up the white of the primer below.

Naiad with added lilly-pad!

In the past when I’ve tried Waterhouse paintings I’ve always struggled with the shading. He seems to use some kind of green which I’ve never been able to replicate. But this time, I may have struck gold. I think he maybe used (as I have done here) a mix of Yellow Ochre and Ultramarine. It gives the green shading more depth instead of just using a straight-forward green pigment from the tube. I’ll probably never know.

Not much to say here. Just more background. I’ll make my next post a bit more deatiled when I’m back from Holland. Can’t wait!

Gotta go,