Before going into any details on the vaccine itself (though a number of different companies are producing them) I’ll jump straight into some of the things that have, to my knowledge, been barely reported by the msm.

Here’s Shawn Skelton, a lady from Oakland City, Indiana, who, within 3 days of having the Moderna vaccine, began to shake uncontrollably. Her FB page is chronologically charting her progress as she tries to detox and recover from her ordeal, though some of her videos showing herself with her symptoms have been removed (Facebook censorship of anything that casts a bad light on the vaccine or questions Covid).

A Louisiana woman has suffered similar symptoms after Pfizer’s vaccine, as posted by her son Brain Griner.

Again, the same symptoms with this lady Kristi Simmonds.

A Miami man, Dr. Gregory Michael, died weeks after his Covid vaccine as explained here by his wife:

China has called for the vaccine rollout to be stopped after 33 deaths in Norway and 10 in Germany.

Portuguese nurse Sonia Acevedo dies two days after having the vaccine.

Dr. Karla Cecilia Pérez Osorio in Mexico was paralysed minutes after having her vaccine.

Here’s reports of 3 deaths in Iceland.

As you can see here, on the CDC’s own website, there’s been over 3000 ‘Health Impact Events’ by Dec 18th 2020 alone.

Also, the MHRA, who rubber-stamped the safety of the Pfizer vaccine for use in the UK, put out the following at the end of last year as highlighted by the very wonderful UK Column or here at Unity News Network.

Be warned though – no doubt most, if not all, the above ADR’s (Adverse Reactions) will be ‘fact checked’ and ‘debunked’ as the powers that be try to deflect attention away from what’s really going on. As most people tend towards just reading headlines and doing no investigation for themselves, the msm get away with it.

I’m appalled that ANYONE would think of taking this vaccine. A vaccine usually takes around 10 years to develop, 7 years being the shortest time that one has ever been produced. And this new Covid-19 vaccine has taken less than 6 months!? Not to mention that vaccines are meant to have at least 2 years of animal trials before human trials begin. No animal testing has been done. So, basically, those who take this vaccine are guinea pigs – we ARE the trial. And also, if you are injured in any way, or even killed, the vaccine manufacturers have NO liablity! Unbelievable, but true. They can push this experimental stuff out on the public without any comeback.

Here are doctors from all around the world (in a video banned from YouTube and Facebook) warning about the vaccine:

And here’s Dr. Andrew Wakefield in coversation with celebrity chef Pete Evans explaining in more detail about how the vaccine itself will genetically alter us (if you can’t see the video below, click ‘Open Site in New Window’):

Here’s a link to an article from 29/1/2021 on the Children’s Health Defense website, (of whom Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is chairman and chief legal counsel) stating that 329 deaths and 9,516 ADR’s have been reported on the CDC’s Vaccine Advers Event Reporting System (VAERS). The tally of these numbers, the article says, is likely much higher due to the fact that only about 1% are reported.

Here’s another story of 22 deaths in an elderly care home in Pemberley, UK. The deaths occurred after the residents were vaccinated, but, according to the home, there had been a Covid-19 breakout, so that was the reason they died. Coincidence? It’s funny how when people have died over the last year and tested positive for Covid-19 that their underlying health issues have nothing to do with it, they died of Covid-19. But when people die from the vaccine, they had underlying health conditions.

The kinds of reports I’ve featured here are happening daily, and I could add more here, but hopefully you’ll get the idea that these things are simply little reported on the likes of the BBC, ITV, CNN, NBC etc. so you have to do your own searching. David Icke’s website is a usual starting point for me or UK Column who do 3 live news streams a week.

My next post will likely be a bit more background on the why’s and wherefore’s of who and what’s behind this plandemic.

As ever, I’m outta here 🙂