Where to start, indeed! There’s many pieces to the puzzle of what’s going on today that I feel I’d be here an eternity explaining it all. But I think I’ll start by asking a few questions which will hopefully give you some idea as to why I’m going where I’m going with this stuff, as I do wonder if I should say anything at all. That said, it IS your choice to read on, so it’s absolutely your responsibility what you believe!

1st question: if you and your family were living in Germany, say in the early 1930’s before Hitler really came to power, and you knew where he was taking his ideologies and the death and horror that would result from them, would you say or do anything? You may not want to cause consternation and fear in people, but what is the alternative? Sit by and watch as your freedoms are dismantled and those you love are taken away from you never to be seen again?

2nd question: if, as a child, you’re approached in the school playground by the school bully and he tells you to tie his shoelace or get a smack, what do you do? You don’t have to have been bullied as a child to know that if you tie his shoelace that that isn’t going to be the end of it. He’ll be back, but most likely the things he’ll ask you to do will get more extreme and you won’t even notice how far down the road you’ve gone until it’s too late OR you say ‘no’. Who knows, you may even become ‘friends’, but do you want to become friends with a bully? Such a friendship would only last for as long as you comply.

These are the kind of questions I’ve had to ask myself over the past year because I’m certain that this all ends in an Orwellian nightmare unless people start saying ‘no’. Sure, you may get a ‘smack’, whatever form that may take, but think about it; using the analogy of the school bully, if everyone in the playground says no and stands up to him, it ends there and then. But today, too many are saying yes and tying that shoelace, be it wearing masks, getting tested/vaccinated etc. I guess a major block to people saying no is simply down to the narrative that they believe. If you believe there’s a virus that’s going to kill mass amounts of the population, then I can see why you would say ‘yes’, but that leads me to another question: if you could see that you and your loved ones were being lied to and deceived on a massive scale (because that’s what’s happening), again, would you say or do anything? I personally feel the need to do so, so here I am saying what I think. Although I want to shout and scream about it, I choose (most of the time, anyway :D) to not do that. Ramming things down people’s throats doesn’t feel the right way to me, hence me presenting this information here on my website, that way people can take or leave it as they please.

I’ll write about those different pieces of the puzzle (as I see them) over the coming weeks and months, but before I finish todays post I’ve a story to tell about Flossy the Goat! A sweet name, but a tragic story with a tragic ending, unless……

Well, Flossy, a goat in Tanzania, was so badly beaten by its owner just weeks after this photo of her was taken that she barely survived. The owner, thinking she was dead, dumped Flossy in a ditch at the side of the road. A neighbouring farmers teenage son, hearing its rattled breathing as he walked on his way to market on a blisteringly hot day, ran back home to get his older brother to bring the farms little truck to take Flossy back to their farmstead to do what they could for her with little hope of Flossy surviving. But, miraculously, survive she did! Over the following days, Flossy gained her strength, though she was still badly bruised and one of her legs was broken and possibly other things as well as the farmer and his family are too poor to pay for any vet to come out and look at her. But she seems to be on the mend, and that would be pretty much the end of the story, BUT the actual owner of Flossy who beat her in the first place, heard about her surviving, and now he wants her back! And, apparently, he has recourse to do just that, though her rescuers are refusing to let Flossy back into the hands of he who left her for dead. So, word has gotten out and a gofundme page has been set up to fight this terrible injustice and get Flossy treated by a proper vet. So, all can end well if enough money is raised. Let’s pray there’s enough kindness in the hearts of those reading her story to give her a happy ending.

Now, if you followed the link to the fundraising page, you’ll see it was linked back here, to my website. Why? Because it’s all a lie, a fiction, just as the current mainstream narrative on Covid-19 is. It’s a scam. Flossy the Goat doesn’t exist. Flossy the Goat is actually a bird! Of course there’ll be some who will have seen it straight away, but they’re likely in the minority as it’s only under closer scrutiny or seen from a different perspective that the truth reveals itself. But as with the kind of curated mindset, particularly fostered by the mainstream media (msm), that we see today, few choose to look, and by reflex action those who see the bird are labelled ‘conspiracy theorists’ or ‘right-wing’. As those appellations are used in a derogatory manner, people generally don’t want to be seen as such by looking or questioning what they are told; it’s easier to go along with the consensus. The bird, if you want to see the full picture, is here.

This is the kind of trick that’s being played out on the world’s population. You’re shown one thing, emotionally drawn into it and asked to ‘do the right thing’ when all along it’s nothing like what you were originally told at all. At least, that’s how I see it, and I’ll explain more why that’s so in future posts.

For those who believe the scam is the truth, Flossy lived happily ever after.

I’m outta here! 🙂