Well, I can but dream. But seriously folks……I’m doing a reproduction of A Naiad‘ by John Waterhouse. It’s part of my current college project on portraits and figures. We had to choose two or three artists whom to study so, given any opportunity, I made Waterhouse one of them. I wanted to do A Naiad anyway after doing Fair Rosamund so it seemed a good time to start it. This is going to be my most ambitious reproduction of one of his paintings so far as I’m doing it on canvas that has been cut to the size of the original (I’m so pleased to find out that my college provides this service for students!) which is 50 x 26 inches. I’m also going to do it in oils which is a medium I’ve hardly used since I did Waterhouse’s Ophelia about 15 yerars ago (and made a mess of it). I’m doing it for two reasons: One, because I really want to learn something from doing it and hopefully be a little better for having done it and two, because there is little I enjoy more. Trying to re-create something as beautiful as A Naiad is just simply a thrill and heightens my days no end.

A Naiad

I’ll stick some photo’s up as I go along. I’ve primed the canvas and pretty much drawn in what I need. As there is little space in my front room to put it while I’m not working on it, it’s ended up along the side of my bed. I have to say, waking up next to a Naiad is no bad thing 😉

See ya,