As you might have noticed, the new site is up and running (even if it’s laces are untied). Yup, there’s still a few things to sort out, but I’ll get there.

This has all come about ‘cos I’ve been thinking of going self-employed and having a shiny new site was a must. I toyed with the idea of leaving this blog out ‘cos it may not appear ‘professional’ enough but it’s actually the favourite thing I have on here and I wanted to keep it like it always was. I could make the design of it fit in with the rest of the site, but to me, it’s like an artifact from the old site and I have a fondness for it. So, it’s staying put!

Whether or not I go down the route of doing websites remains to be seen. Art is definitely a path I want to go down but, by doing both, I’m wondering if I’m maybe riding one-too-many horses? We’ll see.

As a last thing, if you’re an Enya fan, sign up to Unity, the official community at Full of wonderful folk, all sharing the same passion for the music (and other things besides).

I’m outta here,