A few weeks ago I took the opportunity to meet the very lovely and talented Kerry Darlington at Rennes art shop in Liverpool. I hung about long enough to get to meet her and she was gracious enough to sign my rather meagre portfolio that I had thrust in front of her while most other people were buying her work (ranging from about £600 to £3000 or more) and getting themselves a dedicated signature in the process.

Kerry signing at Rennes 28/01/13

Kerry’s work is influenced by the likes of Arthur Rackham and the Pre-Raphaelites (two influences for me too) as well as Gustav Klimt and varies from very colourful pieces to duo-toned images to her more recent and muted Pre-Raphaelite style of works. I’m guessing she uses some kind of enameling technique, though I can’t be sure. I told her about Rebecca Guay, another Arthur Rackham and Pre-Raphaelite influenced artist (I think of her as a colourful Rackham) so I hope she got to look at her work at some point.

Anyways, here’s a few of her paintings to give you a taste of her wonderful work:

Tree of Life

Winter’s Eden


Wild and Free

Free Spirits

I particularly like these last two; the colours are just beautiful and there’s a mystery and solitude about them that’s right up my street 🙂

Well, I’m outta here,