For Christmas 2012 I did a Christmas card for a friend of mine whose loves include Hello Kitty and Nightmare Before Christmas so, it wasn’t any great leap of the imagination to come up with this mash-up for her. Here is a simplified version I’ve done in Photoshop (the original was in watercolour which I haven’t uploaded here and I also I did a full colour Photoshop version, too) and made into greyscale so that I could submit it to Qwertee, a t-shirt design company (greyscale seemed easier for me to keep the colours down to around 6 for their requirements). I found out this morning (13th Nov 17) that it had been accepted and was up for voting as it will be for the next 2 weeks. I’m SO pleased! If anyone out there is feeling kind and wishes to vote for me I’d be really grateful. I’d SO love to see it go to print.

Here’s the lnik:

Fingers crossed and thank you!

I’m outta here!

Jimbob 🙂