Well, I thought I really must write something on here ‘cos it seems an age since I last did. It’s 11.30 on a Friday night and I don’t know how long I’ll last before I get sleepy, so please forgive it’s probable sub-standard quality.

So, as the saying goes, doesn’t time fly? If you believe Terrence McKenna’s Time Wave theory and it’s conjunction with the Mayan calendar that ends on 23rd December 2012, then time is speeding up (I first read about this stuff in Peter Russell’s very highly recommended book The White Hole in Time). Or is it just a by-product of getting older? I hit 40 in August and you realise the days are passing by like sand falling through your fingers and there’s nowt you can do about it. I think of aging as like walking up a see-saw: you start walking up from one end, taking your time and not thinking much about what happens up ahead when you get to the middle bit and beyond. That’s when it hits you and your world swings wildly and you’re sliding down faster and faster, wishing you were back on the other side.

It’s said that you spend your young life wanting to get older and your older self wanting to be younger. That’s probably true to a large extent but really it’s all about how happy you are. I’d prefer a shorter life of happiness than a longer one of misery. The mysteries of life, huh?

Anyway, my eyes are getting heavy….which seems a good lead-on for me to put in a rather lovely, dreamy song I recently discovered by a band called Laika. The song is called Almost Sleeping 🙂

The name Laika, btw, is the name of the first dog in space. So remember where you read it!

See ya,