Well folks, here’s the finished article (though I may touch up the eye slightly – when I get time!). It aint perfect but it aint bad for an old timer. I’m a bit disappointed that I haven’t quite got the ‘the look’ of Rosamund but I’m not doing the face all over again. It drove me mad as it was. Nothing irritates me more than not getting a picture to my complete satisfaction (us Virgo’s are perfectionists, apparently). By the way, the photo’s I’ve taken of this painting are always a bit con vexed so I always end up not having the full picture as well not looking quite right. For example, the window frame on the left should run parallel to the edge of the canvas, but it doesn’t. Oh, well. Overall, I enjoyed doing this and kind of regret I didn’t attempt the whole thing.

I’m just re-introducing myself to oils. I haven’t used them since attempting (not well, I have to admit) Waterhouse’s 1910 Ophelia and I’m thinking of having a go at his A Naiad. When I’ve learned more I’m gonna start my own paintings. I’ve got ideas but I feel a little incapable at the moment, which is why I’ve just started art college.

Is that the time? I’m outta here!