Well, Neil Gaiman’s version anyway……

Briefly, Death is one of the Endless, the family of Gaiman’s main creation Morpheus from the late 80’s comic The Sandman . I always remember Gaiman saying words to the effect that the traditional image of death (skull, robe scythe etc.) was something he wanted to change in the comic. Wouldn’t it be nicer to meet a smiling, pleasant, compassionate young woman than the fearful Grim Reaper? Probably Gaiman’s most popular and mainstream work was as the creator of Stardust, the 2007 film starring Michelle Pfeiffer (which was originally a Charles Vess illustrated book from the 90’s). Of late, Gaiman is working on a film version of his comic Death: The High Cost of Living, a Sandman spin-off. Special mention must go to artist Mike Dringenberg who created Death’s goth-looking image.


That all said, it brings me nicely onto my next wee bit of info.

Now I don’t read that many blog’s but one I always keep an eye on is Grace’s The Beautiful Necessity. It’s great stuff if your a fan of Pre-Raphaelite type things and me, being a John Waterhouse psycho, am always entertained. By reason of one of her latest blog’s (which has precipitated me writing this entry), Grace suggested I look at some photo’s of an actress called Alison Lohman whom she think’s would make a great Death for Gaiman’s upcoming film . I had a look at the photo’s and have to agree but, me being me, I had to mess around with one of them and jazz it up a bit. Seeing as though I’m often using Photoshop, I couldn’t resist.

So, without further ado, here’s the original photo taken from a film called White Oleander:

And here is my ‘Death’ version:

Here, after me making Lohman black and white, I’ve paled her skin down a little, added the ankh and put Death’s usual little swirl under her right eye (after the Eye of Horus, I think). Well, hope you like it. A girl I have heard touted for the role of Death is Emmy Rossum. The photo of her you can see here, although not ‘gothed’ up in any way, does have the smile that Death can have. Maybe I’ll stick her in Photoshop as well and see what I can do. She’s a Neil Gaiman fan as well which will probably help her get the part.

Btw, The Sandman is, for me, one of the greatest comic’s ever written; 75 issues of brilliance. ‘Nuff said!

I’m outta here,