Earlier this year, I decided to make a bit more use of my recently acquired graphics tablet, an accessory I had grand visions of using to create works of art I’d only ever dreamed about! I wasn’t sure what I was going to do or how exactly I was going to do it, but it was going to be either what’s called ‘photomanipulation’ or just do an image that replicated oil paintings (the type of which I’d seen in some of the awesome Magic: The Gathering cards). I chose the former of the two, primarily because I’d dabbled in the latter with poor results and didn’t really find the idea that appealing at the time (I just need more practice and better Photoshop brushes, I think!).

As my subject, I chose Death, a character from Neil Gaiman’s awesome comic book series The Sandman. With her usual Gothic attire and silver Egyptian ankh constantly around her neck, she’s such an iconic figure and, I believe, became the comics most popular character.

The photo I used for Death I’d seen had been used by a number of people on Deviant Art and this following picture (The Dark Messenger by Corvinerium) was by far the best and I just thought it was brilliant!


Here’s the original photo of the girl herself:


To which I added this following background:


And the following butterfly:


And then sprinkled a little Photoshop magic over it and came up with the following piece (click on it to see it bigger):


I was really pleased with the finished result and absolutely loved doing it! Originally, I was going to have a body on the floor and have the scene at night time. The idea was that the butterfly represented the soul leaving the body in the form of a butterfly which Death has come to collect. I tried an image as I’ve explained, but it looked a bit messy and unreal (this is, after all, my first stab at photomanipulation). What I went for is simpler and far more effective, I think. I posted it on Neil Gaiman’s Facebook page and he gave it the thumbs up, which I was really pleased about 🙂

Anyway, as ever, I hope someone out there enjoys it!

I’m outta here!

Jimbob 🙂