As is customary with me, nearly 2 years sionce my last blog post! 😀

Nowadays, mostly, I post on Instagram as it’s just easier and it’s nice to have the feedback and community it provides, but I really must keep a bit more updated here as well. It’s also possible I may not be on Instagram much longer after their rather draconian new terms of service.

Also, another thing I’ve been meaning to do is the most important, and that’s make comment on current events regarding the ‘pandemic’ or ‘plandemic’ as it’s more aptly called in some circles. I’ll either add my thought to the blog or do a page all of its own. I’ll decide over the coming days.

For now, here’s the first painting I put up on Instagram back in September 2018, a painting I was very proud! It’s called ‘Raven’.

This made it into the Williamson Art Gallery Spring Open Exhibition, so I was mightily pleased with that 🙂

For more info on the stock photo’s I used, visit my DeviantArt page here.

And on that note, I hope to be back soon!

I’m outta here 🙂