Well, since my last post, my internal storm raged unabated for a few days wherein I offloaded a number of material things on the wonderful Freecycle (and very heavy they were too!) until it’s final flurry visited upon sickness and tears in one very curious day. It’s been a release though, both spiritually and materially.

Storm spent, I dug out an old Enya video I bought back in 1991 and watched it tucked up in bed with a hot drink while outside a cold November rain fell in the late Autumn dark. On it is probably my favourite video by any artist, and that’s Evening Falls off of her 2nd album Watermark. It’s a beautiful song and the video equally so. From the initial moving image of Enya on canvas to the to the farmer ploughing the fields to the fluttering of lace curtains in an evening breeze is, and always has been, a joy to watch. As I read it at the time when I first listened to Watermark, it always reminds me of Clive Barker’s Weaveworld. Great book!

So anyway, here ya go 🙂

I’m kinda guessing that this video won’t be up for long on YouTube ‘cos of copyright, but there you go….

Some pictures next post, I think.

See ya,