Drawing and painting as a kid (art was always my favourite subject in primary and high school) was just something I naturally gravitated to, but whereas a lot of other people deviate from their childhood passions when they leave school and get ‘serious’ and get a job, it was something that I made a conscious decision to pursue.

That conscious decision was made when I was 17. I remember I’d just discovered Joy Division and I adored the cover of the bands 2nd album cover Closer, so I decided to pick up my pencil and have a go at it, probably my first artistic foray since leaving (gladly) school.

That was 1987 and now, in 2012, I’m going for it as a career. Scary and exciting at the same time, it’s all down to me now. My mission statement is basically to enjoy myself. What’s the point otherwise? If people like what I do along the way, then great!

What kind of work do I do? Initially, I’ll do pretty much anything, but my goals and dreams are to create my own original pieces that, at this point, will be heavily influenced by John William Waterhouse, easily my favourite artist whose paintings are some of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Seeing his work close-up in the 2009 retrospective in Holland was jaw-droppingly magical and I can only hope of doing anything remotely as beautiful.
So, feel free to contact me for any commissions. I work mostly in oils and watercolours. Who knows, they may be worth a tidy sum one day

To see some of my work, visit the following links:

Original Art

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