For the want of needing to fill out this little corner of my site, I thought I’d add my YouTube channel where I get a little creative on the video/musical side of things (‘cos I love music!). My favourites (there’s only six to choose from) are the Enya (‘s fagaim mo bhaile) and The Creatures (Morrina) videos. The former is probably my fave song ever and it was the first time that song was put up on YouTube when I uploaded it. Now there’s a glut of them including a dodgy Twilight one The area where I filmed the footage is between Clatterbridge Hospital and Brimstage Craft Center, a place of special significance to me for a number of reasons and is intrinsically entwined with the song. Inseparable!

Morrina is just a song I adore. It reminds me of incredibly happy days in the early 90’s, particularly lying in bed reading the graphic novel Moonshadow by J. M. DeMatteis (who wrote one of my fave Spider-Man stories ‘Kraven’s Last Hunt’) with the net curtains billowing gently in the morning breeze. Those were the days when everything seemed alive and the sunshine was an absolute joy to behold.

Anyway, hope you enjoy something on there