Occasionally, lines that have a certain rhyming melody pop into my head that, in the hands of someone more adept than I, would probably get a decent poem out of it. Myself, once I ‘try’ to write poems, that’s when I come unstuck and it all strains to make sense or rhyme. So, even though this page is entitled ‘Poetry’, it’s probably best viewed as a loose term because, quite frankly, I haven’t a clue. The reason I put this stuff up (I’m guessing one day I’ll read some of it back and my toes will curl in on themselves in utter embarrassment) is purely down to expression, though there are bits and pieces that I’m quite fond of. There doesn’t seem much point in expressing yourself if there’s nobody to express it to. Most, if not all, the titles of these poems are linked to posts that I’ve done on my blog where you can learn more about the background of each one. OK? OK, let’s go…


The Beautiful Dead was a last minute thing I threw together for a competition held at Birkenhead Park under the heading ‘Stars’ in January 2013. The idea is loosely based on something my eldest brother (hello, Iain!) said when I was a nipper. We were gazing at the stars one night and he mentioned to me that some of the stars we could see may well not even be there anymore. The only reason we could see them shining was because it took so long for their light to reach us. To my young and wide-open mind I found that rather a fantastic thing and I was wonder-struck by the thought of it.
Anyway, not a great poem by any stretch of the imagination (to the point I decided not to have it as a post), but I thought I’d put it up anyway. Oh, and if you’re wondering where I came in the competition, I came second. Not bad, huh? But then, there were only four entrants

The Beautiful Dead

We are long dead things
With beauty burning bright
We harbour the spirits of pharaoh kings
We sing our song of light

Secret love, whispered, we have heard
In darkness, shrouded, forlorn
Words on the wing of a shadow bird
A prayer to the heaven we adorn

Beneath our ancient light you rest
Companions of the moon
Do you not know how so you are blessed?
Or has child-like wonder left all too soon?

You’ll see us best on the darkest of nights
Deep in the heart of the wood
Away from the throng and the city lights
You’ll see us as be seen we should

In the days when heaven and earth were wed
We were embers once sublime
We are, to you, the beautiful dead
Spanning the skies; echoed in time

At the Foot of Your Heart

At the foot of your heart an altar made
To you the song of longing
Candles burn and never fade
For the love of you and your belonging

God’s great sky could never encompass
Even the abyss would thirst for more
No reaching hand could ever possess
Even the stars will die and be no more

Twilight fades and my cheeks are wet
Words fall soundless in the deep
My empire crumbles in bitter regret
I pray for your arms in which to sleep

Yet slumber I with eyes wide open
Seeing only love where angels hide
These words the merest token
Of the lasting life I hold inside

And the day will come with a ringing of bells
When the world becomes a senseless thing
Our mortal lives as brittle as shells
On a fearful shore the oceans bring

To shatter all the lance is hurled
Lest rumour and lies forever be
And you as lamp in the darkness of the world
Before whose love the shadows flee

The Earth At a Cost

Warming up is this earth upon which we live
Do you care?
Can you a little give?
That this world we may a little longer share?

You see, we live in a greenhouse
Didn’t you know?
It affects us all from man to mouse
A scientist told me so

Melt will the Polar caps of ice
And kill us all in a postdiluvian flood
But we can be saved (at a price)
Just hand over your money (it’s for your own good)

Our carbon footprint we must reduce
This CO2 is choking us all
It’s because of the smoke and the fumes we produce
And the trees we cut that once stood tall

I’ve heard it said we all will die
As well as the bear, the wolf and the panda
We’re all gonna starve or drown or fry
But I’m thinking maybe it’s just propaganda

Spring Love Lament

Those were the days of grace
She somebody’s child, somebody’s daughter
Would it be again that I could see your face
When danced my heart like sun on the water

I slept in the heart of the forest
The sun-dappled shade for a bed
And there I dreamed I was the one you loved best
The crown of such I wore on my head

Sorrow, your brow never creased
Never a cheek had I touched more fair
The rose of your heart and the briar of mine
Entwined like the flowers in the braid of your hair

You know how I tremble when close bring her feet
You’ve felt it too I’m sure
When ripe is the heart as swelled summer wheat
In hope this love would forever endure

You know the pain too, I guess
When on waking in creeps the cold
A dream, a memory, paling in sweetness
Breathless about me the shadows enfold

Wolf in the Breast

I like to keep my hand upon my chest
Should love happen chance pass at my door
There then would the wolf in the breast
Leap out and lope and chase with paw

Should love then sing and take to flight
Would I then change my fur for feathers
And so on gaining giddy height
Loose the world and all it’s tethers

Would love then be an evening star
In heaven the brightest of all?
Well, then I’d be as the angels are
And never let you fall

What if then you hid yourself away
In the deep and dark of space?
Then Time I’d be and father the day
That lasted forever for your embrace

Could love then burn and be no more?
Then hear howl my painful breast
And should love again pass at my door
I’ll keep my hand upon my chest

Endymion and Selene

The days of springtime
When Rome adored her
Beneath a sky of daylight blue
Scattered in fields
The song of Flora
The joy of her love in bloom

Where grew her flowers
In midnight hue
Endymion stood in starlit gaze
Therein that sky of nighttime blue
Gazed back Selene
Her silver heart ablaze

In his youth
In his beauty
Without compare
When the leaves whispered her name
He slept ‘midst blubells in meadow fair
Slept ’til dimmed the daylight flame

Never before
Never after
Was his heart so taken that eve
And evermore
Forever after
To the moon, his heart, bequeathed

The Waterhouse Tree

A Naiad

Is it pleasure or is it pain you bring the sleeping shepherd boy?
Or first one and then the other?
A Naiad’s embrace and her sensual joy
Would death he then discover?

Hylas and the Nymphs

O Hylas! was the love of the nymphs too much to bear?
What became of your life in the sightless depths?
Was there aught else but a cold despair?
With a heart that remained of love bereft?


Thisbe, do you wear red for the blood that was your fate?
It blushing the fruit of the Mulberry Tree
Did the crack in the wall you love where love was spake?
Or more so the death that set you free?

The Lady Clare (Study)

A sketch of the Lady Clare
Wistfulness on a face so fair
What colour do you wear?
What colour rose in your hair?

Echo and Narcissus

Would Echo curse the daffodil thrown
That led the eyes of Narcissus
To see reflected a face, his own?
The hearts desire of Narcissus


Oreithyia, the North Wind about you blown
By a love elemental at Winter’s end
Where walked you among a new spring grown
Swept away for the heart of Boreas to tend

The Lady of Shalott

Laid bare on the river’s dim expanse
That floated past the spires of Camelot
Was the pain of the Lily Maid’s broken romance
The Lady of Shalott