Endymion and Selene

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A few posts back I featured an Enya song called Flora’s Secret and one of the lines in the song mentions ‘the one the moon loves’. This, according to Enya herself, refers to the story of Endymion and Selene from Roman mythology. Endymion (pronounced En-dim-ion) was, depending on which story you read, either a king, a shepherd, a hunter or an astronomer or maybe even a mix of the four. It was whilst studying the stars that he fell in love with Selene, the moon. Selene was so taken by Endymion that she asked his father, Zeus, to keep him in an eternal state of youth. Zeus granted her wish and cast his son asleep forever. There are variations to the story but overall the theme is the same. Endymion is represented by the Bluebell and one of the synonyms for this flower is Endymion non-scriptum. The Blubell is associated with sleep. This is why there is mention of it in Flora’s Secret, Flora being the Roman goddess of flowers. Anyway, I went to visit my aunty in the care home where she is housed a few months back. She was having her tea, so I sat in the quiet lounge and waited. Flora’s Secret was in my head constantly at that time and so, as I’d happened to have pen and paper with me, I started to write a poem about Endymion. I finished it off at home after a little research on the myth and the result is below. Endymion and Selene The days of springtime When Rome adored her Beneath a sky of daylight blue Scattered in fields The song of Flora The joy of her love in bloom Where grew her flowers In midnight hue Endymion stood in starlit gaze Therein that sky of nighttime blue Gazed back Selene Her silver heart ablaze In his youth In his beauty Without compare When the leaves whispered her name He slept ‘midst blubells in meadow fair Slept ’til dimmed the daylight flame Never before Never after Was his heart so taken that eve And evermore Forever after To the moon, his heart, bequeathed Well, there you go you lucky people! Poetry for free I’m outta here,...

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