April Come She Will

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As April is a matter of days away, it seems a good time to finally do this post. I was going to put it up awhile ago but…..well, I’ll say why at the end. April Come She Will is a song by Simon & Garfunkel, released on their Sounds of Silence album in 1966. I’d first heard it on a ‘best of’ type album of theirs and it took awhile for me to really notice it, like so many of the songs I love the most. A lot of the more immediate songs, the catchier ones (by any band), tend to lose their power time, Mrs Robinson being a case in point. Still a great song though! But April Come She Will struck a deeper chord and I can’t imagine that it will ever lose it’s fragile beauty. When Paul Simon visited England back in the early 60’s, taking in the blossoming folk scene with the likes of Martin Carthy and Davey Graham et al. he stayed with a friend in Swindon (I think this friend later became his girlfriend Kathy, after whom Kathy’s Song was written – another gem) who read him a children’s nursery rhyme about the life cycle of the Cuckoo. I think this is the original rhyme: The Cuckoo comes in April She sings her song in May In June she changes her tune In July she prepares to fly In August go she must Simon took the rhyme, added September at the end, and inserted his own lines between each of the existing lines (which he re-arranged a bit). He also changed the focus of the song from that about the Cuckoo and corresponded it to the changing seasons of romantic love, and maybe even more specifically to the changing seasons of the female heart. From tender beginnings in Spring where her heart is ripe and swelled with love, through the Summer where it has changed it’s song and flown through to Autumn where her heart has grown cold and love is nothing more than a memory. Here’s the song, the lyrics to which I’ve added below. Pure poetry: April, come she will When streams are ripe and swelled with rain May, she will stay Resting in my arms again June, she’ll change her tune In restless walks she’ll prowl the night July, she will fly And give no warning to her flight August, die she must The autumn winds blow chilly and cold September, I’ll remember A love once new has now grown old I think it’s such a beautiful song and I used it recently on a project in college, the same bookmaking project in which I did the Waterhouse Tree that I covered in a previous post. One of my ideas for that project was to take a number of songs on a nature theme and do a collage for each one and throw them together as a little book. I had only time to do one and that was April Come She Will. One of the images I used in it was William Henry Gore’s Listed. I did a pencil sketch of it on this page back in about 1990. Here’s the original: I found Listed in a book of poetry called Images of Love that I was reading at the time and fell in love with it (hence the sketch). The whole book itself (which stands by my bedside even as I write these words) is wonderfully scented and whenever I catch it’s fragrance it stirs in me a kind of sweet melancholy as I remember those happier days...

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Chronicles of Ancient Darkness

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Well, after the huge tome of Ken Follett’s World Without End (his sequel to Pillars of the Earth, both really good books, I might add) I embarked upon a journey into Michelle Paver’s world as told in her Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series of six books. I’ve not long finished the last of them (they’ve been part of my daily life for about 3-and-a-half months). The first book in the series is Wolf Brother, a book recommended to me years ago by a friend of mine (howdy, Al) and then given to me as a birthday present last year (thank-you again, Dave and Chris). First I’ll give you a very quick tour of the books and then I’ll tell you what I think of them (don’t read any further if you plan to read them!). Our hero Torak loses his father (Fa), finds a wolf cub who becomes his guide and pack-brother (Wolf). He then meets the flame-haired girl Renn and the father figure of Finn-Kedinn (and the rest of the Raven Clan who take him in). Through all this, Torak is hunted by a demon bear whom he has to destroy to save the Open Forest. In this book, Torak discovers he’s a Spirit Walker, a dying breed who can inhabit the bodies of other living things. He travels to the sea in search of a cure for a sickness that’s threatening the Open Forest. He meets Bale and the rest of the Seal Clan including the Seal Clan Mage who turns out to be a Soul Eater, a corrupted Mage lusting after Torak’s power. Wolf is kidnapped by a group of Soul Eater’s all hell-bent on gaining Torak’s spirit-walking ability. Torak and Renn track Wolf to the Far North where the Soul Eater’s plan to sacrifice Torak, thus enabling them to possess his power. I must mention that in this one, Renn gets stuck in a dark hole and can’t move, her arms squashed up against her sides. Believe me, I’ve had nightmares about things like that At the end of the last book, Torak is branded on his chest with the mark of a Soul Eater and is banished from the Raven Clan and they, along with any other clan, are obliged to kill him on sight. All the while he is being lured by Seshru, one of the Soul Eater’s (and, as it happens, Renn’s mother). Bale, from the second book, is in much of this story. In which Bale is murdered by a Soul Eater (Thiazzi) whom steals a fire-opal (a great source of power) and Torak swears revenge. He, Renn and Wolf travel to the heart of the Deep Forest to find Thiazzi. The Owl Mage (Eostra) steals the fire-opal at the end of the book. The last book where our heroes travel to the Mountain of Ghosts in search of Eostra, the last and most powerful Soul Eater. OK, so what did I think of the books in all? I’ve mixed feelings to be honest. As a whole, I’ve enjoyed them but some parts didn’t deliver. I’ll say what I didn’t like first, and then what I did. Firstly, I hate bad English (or what I see as bad English, not necessarily wrong). Using ‘smelt’ instead of ‘smelled’ and ’round’ instead of ‘around’ just winds me up. I know smelt can be used but……And I absolutely detest it when author’s write something like this: “the man reached the door, opened it.” Puh-lease put in ‘and’ where the comma is! Not sure if this is an American thing and it seems to be...

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Enya Reprise

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I knew there was something else I wanted to say in the last post. That’s what I get for writing late at night when I’m tired! I just wanted to mention that I was rather pleased when I went to Groningen to see the Waterhouse exhibition last year that Miranda (the small 1916 version above) was owned by Nicky and Roma Ryan, Enya’s producer and co-songwriter respectively. Miranda, btw, is from Shakespeare’s The Tempest. See ya,...

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Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s Enya

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Sorry, couldn’t resist that title. When a load of punk bands do Enya covers, that’s gotta be the name of the album. Anyways, I put a video on You Tube a week or so ago where I tried doing Enya’s Watermark on keyboard. Watermark is the first song off of her 1988 album of the same name. God help me, I think on average ever since, I’ve listened to that album every day! I know her music can be a bit samey at times and I wish she’d do some stuff a bit more like her first album that she did for a BBC documentary back in 1987 called The Celts. There were more traditional instruments used on that album as opposed to the more synthesized sounds she uses nowadays. That said, I still love loads of her stuff and she’s sang me to sleep more times than I care to mention. My favourite song of hers without question (and probably my favourite song, full stop!) is ‘s fagian mo bhaile, Gaelic for ‘and I leave my home’. It’s the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard and it’s beauty is tied irrevocably to to the memory of a loved one and a place that will remain sacred always, both of which lie deep in my heart. For that reason, I know it won’t mean much to anyone else. This isn’t the first time I’ve put this song on here and nor will it be the last. I’ve put it up now ‘cos it’s gone over the 10,000 Views mark which I was rather pleased with. I know all those views are for the song itself but still, it’s nice to know the video I made for it has been watched that many times; it was filmed in the afore mentioned sacred place. Here’s the vids anyway: Well, I’m sure there’s more I wanna say but it’s late, so I’m off to bed for a read before sleep. Long day tomorrow…. See ya,...

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Email Heaven

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Just a wee word to express my pleasure at having spam-free email from WordPress. If anyone out there uses WordPress for their blog and is getting spam, then use the WP-SpamFree Plug-in. It’s free, it’s a plug-in and it’s erm…made of spam, hehe. I sent a comment yesterday to see whether or not it would get through and it did (which has now been deleted ‘cos I don’t want that kind of riff-raff on this very serious and thought-provoking site!). In my next post I shall be talking about the existential and spacial parameters pertaining to the quantum episodes as experienced by the superlative frequency holograms. Please bring a packed-lunch! See ya,...

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