Killing Joke Pt.2

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God! It’s been nearly three months since I went to London to see Killing Joke and I’m only just writing about it. Sorry to all my hordes of disappointed fans but you can all rest now as I’m about to divulge the happenings of Sat Oct 4th at The Forum, London. It was dead good. See ya! What? You want more? Hmmmmm……..Ok. If I can remember that far back. Well, first off, I remember we bought a return train ticket from West Hampstead to Kentish Town where The Forum was. After a pint or two in a local pub (heaving with Killing Joke fans) we were in the venue. I have to say a little of the excitement from the previous night wasn’t there but i think that was to be expected ‘cos we partly knew what we were getting this time around. Also, they were meant to be playing the whole of the Pandemonium album which, although it’s not a bad album, is far from their best. I was more looking forward to them playing their earlier singles which they were meant to be playing as well. So, on they came with the opening track from their third album Revelations, The Hum. It gave me the hope they were going to do the whole of that album. It would have made more sense if they did because this was the last album that all four of the present members made together. They made three together, two of which they played the night before. Anyway, they didn’t play the whole of that album but they did play The Pandy’s Are Coming. My brother Peter said that after seeing the four original members together again after 26 years (something he never got to see), he would die happy if they played The Pandy’s Are Coming this night. He said that just before they played it. My highlight was Turn To Red off of their first E.P. Youth’s bassline was spot on and I was grinning from ear to ear. Brilliant. By the way, if you play Grand Theft Auto IV you might recognise this song. I believe it’s on there somewhere. So, without further ado, here it is: And here’s an actual video of the song at the gig itself. It’s a bit of a racket (as crappy live vids normally are), but a wonderful racket at that! As it happens they didn’t even play all the Pandemonium album. Well, it was still a great gig but not as good as the night before. I suppose its down to what set they play. Apparently after the show there were members from Pink Floyd, The Verve and The Orb (Alex Patterson from The Orb used to roadie for Killing Joke) amongst others at the after gig party. I suppose here is a good place to mention some of Killing Joke’s extra curricular activity. Big Paul is an art restorer, restoring ancient sculptures, as well as being in a few bands most notably Murder Inc. Geordie, I think, is studying architecture amongst other musical projects like The Damage Manual with Chris Connelly, Martin Atkins and Jah Wobble (the last two both being former members of PIL). Jaz has done so much stuff it’ll be hard to cover it all. Jaz is a composer in his own right having scored his own symphonies as well as releasing three symphonic albums from the music of Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin and The Doors (which he did with violinist Nigel Kennedy). He’s conducted symphonic and philharmonic orchestra’s in London, New Zealand and Prague and been composer...

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Bron Yr Aur by Jimmy Page

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Ooohh, aren’t you all lucky? Two posts within a week! Anyway, after nosing on YouTube for some stuff, I saw a link for a song written by Jimmy Page called Bron Yr Aur (I think it’s on Led Zepplin’s album Physical Graffiti). I’ve never been a big fan of Led Zepplin but this song caught my ear many moons ago and I’ve hardly ever heard it since. It’s just a wonderful, wonderful piece of music and the video below is a cover by a guy on YouTube. It’s beautifully played and once I learn how to tune my guitar to CACGCE, I’ll be learning it myself. Enjoy...

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Happy Christmas 2008

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It’s Christmas time and I feel like I’ve gotta write something so, I’ll just stick in one of my favourite Christmas songs. It’s called Just Like Christmas by an American band called Low. I’m not a big of the band or anything like that but I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. Well, I’m off to bed because my son will be waking me up in approx 5 and half hours so he can open his presents. I’m excited myself! Enjoy the song and Happy Christmas!...

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