Dirty Hylas

Found this photo below from Dirty Car Art Gallery, which for obvious reasons, I think is rather good. And yes, it's quite simply done on someone's dirty back windscreen. Would you ever want to clean [...]

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The Edge of the World

Just a little post tonight (thank God! I hear you say). Just a watercolour sketch I've done in preparation for a canvas I've got sitting in my other room begging me to tickle it's surface [...]

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After the Storm

Well, since my last post, my internal storm raged unabated for a few days wherein I offloaded a number of material things on the wonderful Freecycle (and very heavy they were too!) until it's final [...]

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Prayer for Rage

It's been a strange couple of weeks. Nameless things are bubbling up beneath the surface and I'm feeling a mixture of enthusiasm and quiet rage which, I'm happy to say, is being channeled in positive [...]

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