Fair Rosamund Pt. 7

Sorry no updates lately. I've been on holiday in the Lakes where it rained and rained. The less said about the better. Anyway, here's my latest offering on my little John Waterhouse altar. Just a [...]

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Fair Rosamund Pt. 6

I've redone the hair here and touched up the top half of her face as well as doing the window ledge and starting on that thing that covers her hair (anyone any idea what it's [...]

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Fair Rosamund Pt. 4

Not a great deal of difference here from the last image; I just thought her neck and shoulders looked a bit yellow/green so I've darkened them off with with a bit of brown. I've did [...]

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Fair Rosamund Pt. 3

Just added some shading to what I've done so far. Not sure about the flesh colour at the moment. It's never been the easiest of things to do. I've a few different images of Fair [...]

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‘S fagain mo bhaile

'S fagian mo bhaile is a song by Enya. It's Irish, it's dark, it's Gaelic and it's simply beautiful. It's a song that just makes me stop what I'm doing and listen. The reason I've [...]

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Fair Rosamund Pt.2

Here's my second pic. As I said below, the face, for me, is the most important part of the painting so that's where I've started. I've just thrown base colours down at the moment (I'm [...]

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