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James Stenhouse

A little about me…

Iwas born on the Wirral in 1970 back when wallpaper, curtains and carpets were truly hideous (I have the photographs to prove it) and have painted and drawn pictures as long as I can remember as an insurrection against 70’s decor.

My first real love of art began with american comic books and the day that I finally drew a picture of an upside-down Spider-Man (he was hanging from the ceiling) that didn’t need any correctional advice from my older brother Peter, himself no mean artist, was a big day in my artistic development. I think also those comic books blessed me with a love for other-worldy, fantastical stories and art. Myths. legends and fairy stories have always affected me on a deep level I’ve never been able to fathom but which certainly connect me to a world more magical than the hum-drum of daily life.

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Generally speaking, the commissions I do will be people or pet portraits, though I guess I’m up for other things if anyone wants to ask and I’ll see what I can do.

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